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par dt le 13/06/2013 09:42
On Tripadvisor 27.05.2013 from Egypte
Nice and calm place in a big city
I had a great Stay in Riad Tamlil, the best thing about this Place is Abdul Latif, one of the staff members, he was very helpful and friendly, he helped me a lot because my plan for Marrakech was a bit messed up, he helped me stay several extra nights, and he was actually trying to help me save money and plan my time there quiet nicely, he was really very helpful and he knows a lot about the city.
The place is Great, near Jamee el Fna, the rooms are Clean, and the place looks good and well restored, i also changed rooms with help from Abdel Latif to be able to stay longer, and all the rooms i stayed in were Great, the only problem i had was with the hot water, and it was quickly solved whenever it happened.
I think the prices are very reasonable also if you are traveling alone, and they work with an agency that plans great Excursions, i went to a private "4 persons" day hike to the Atlas mountains, bit costy, but really worth the money.
You can find somewhere more Fancy in Marrakech i know, but i really recommend this Riad